Town of Saugus

Best Things to Do In Saugus MA

Saugus is a city located in Essex Massachusetts. It is an old town, which retains its rural characteristics despite being adjacent to a major highway. Traditionally the town was agriculture based but other industries such as tobacco, shoe making and production of woolen goods took root after the industrial revolution. It is recognized as the original site of iron works in North America. There are many things to do in Saugus town. The area is well endowed with natural attractions, camping sites and places to go for swimming hiking and biking. The list is endless when it comes to choosing the best things to do in Saugus MA.


The Saugus Iron Works is a national park that symbolises the iron industry in America. The national park rests on 9 acres of land. Some of the features housed there include mills, hot forges, water wheels and a 17th century home, which has been restored. You can also visit the Possessions Gallery with a variety of paintings, jewellery, pottery and photography. The grand army of the republic museum is another attraction spot that offers a research library and memorabilia retrieved from the American Revolutionary War, the Korean War and the Civil War. Restored paintings and furnishings are also available for viewing.

Sporting Activities

Route One Miniature Golf And Batting Cages is a park, marked distinctively by an orange dinosaur presents several opportunities for individuals and adults. There is a mini-golf course, batting cages and a video arcade, which is very amusing for children. Hockey Town is another entertainment spot in Saugus. The facility provides hockey facilities for adults and children, ice skating, figure skating and hockey lessons. There is also a miniature snack bar where you can grab a snack as you enjoy the day. Indian Rock Stables is a facility offers full stretch miles of horse riding. The facility is also certified to offer horse riding lessons and horseback classes.

Best Things to Do In Saugus MA


There are several shopping destinations in Saugus. The main district is both a tourist destination and a shopping complex. The street contains a mix of shops, retail business, antiques and restaurants. Wilson farm is another tourist destination. The farm is historic having opened in 1884. It lies on 500 acres of land and offers farm tours, cooking classes and a host of other outdoor activities. Prudential center is another shopping point which doubles up as a view point of the city. Still in Saugus, you can visit the Copley place, which houses a range of several American stores including Brookstone, American Eagle Outfitters and J.Crew. Copley Place also hosts the Boston fashion week.

Best Things to Do In Saugus MA

Entertainment spots

There are several entertainment spots spread across the town. There is the North Shore Musical Children’s Theater which provides classical performances, Disney works and also a grill for burgers and other foods. The Lynn Auditorium provides, movie shows and musical concerts from respected names in the industry. Still in Saugus you can visit the Wonderland Ballroom which offers live music from touring bands.

Best Things to Do In Saugus MA


The list is endless when deciding on the best things to do while in Saugus MA. You can never run out of options whether you want to visit museums, engage in sports, do shopping or looking for entertainment.

Wildlife Adventure to Explore With Kids In Saugus

WildlifeThere are a host of wildlife adventures available in Saugus that can be explored with kids. When you are in Saugus, you will be lost for choice over which place to visit. The town has a unique setting. From the Breakheart Reservation, Lynn woods, Pine Banks Park, Sony Meyers Park and Middlesex Fells Reservation. The list is endless. These are some of the spots with wildlife adventure to explore with kids in Saugus.

Breakheart Reservation

An expansive 260 acres of reservation, this place offers visitors and tourists amazing views of trees, hills, lakes and unique rock formations. Pearce Lake, which is also part of this reservation can be used for fishing and swimming. What makes it even better is the fact that it is friendly to kids.

Lynn Woods

This is another famous spot for those visitors seeking wildlife adventure. A municipal park with streams, ponds and a forest that is evergreen, the park offers the best in terms of variety. On top of that, the park also boasts different species of birds such as hawks and owl species. Rodent varieties are also found in this park

Middlesex Fells Reservation

This reservation covering 2575 acres offers different activities such as rock climbing, hiking, mountain climbing. Adventurers also have the opportunity of viewing lakes, ponds or trails. The park is child friendly

Wildlife Adventure to Explore With Kids In Saugus

J C Phillips Nature Preserve

This preserve is situated towards the end of Wenham Lake. It offers visitors of all ages a whole 1.5 miles of hiking and nature trails. Visitors also get a chance to see wild animal such as deers on certain times of the day.

Endicott Park

This park lies on 165 acres of land. The attractions in this park include woodlands, orchards, abandoned farm buildings. The park also offers hiking and nature trails. Visitors get a chance to watch barnyard animals. During winter it is used for cross-country skiing and sledding.

Pine Banks Park

An expansive park composed of hiking and running trails, this park offers a basketball court, baseball court, softball court and a host of other outdoor games. Kids have a dedicated area where they can engage in their own games. All this happens deep in the woods. You also get to view some rare bird species as you enjoy your favorite games.

Hall’s Pond Sanctuary

This is one of the two natural ponds in the area covering 3.5 acres. People visiting with their families will be able to experience nature at its best. The authorities have set aside this part for conservation. The park is full of natural wildlife, which makes it an exclusive get away.

Landlocked Forest

This reserve is set on 250 acres of forest. There are 13 miles of nature trails suitable for biking, hiking, walking and jogging. During winter, it is normally used for cross-country skiing. Bird watchers also converge here to have a view of different bird species.

Wildlife Adventure to Explore With Kids In Saugus

Crane Wildlife Refuge on the Crane Estate

This is another home for wildlife. Kayakers and boaters are frequently seen here. Other wildlife that can be spotted in this centre includes sanderlings, sandpipers and gulls.


Whatever choice you make Saugus offers some of the best spots for wildlife adventure with kids. The area has parks, preserves, hiking and nature trails, ponds for swimming and fishing and a chance to see different animals.

Town of Saugus: At a Glance


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Town of Saugus is in Essex county, eastern Massachusetts. It is bordered by Revere on the south, Lynnfield on the north, and Lynn on the east, Malden on the southwest. Wakefield and Melrose borders it to the west. The southeast border is formed by the Saugus River and the pines river forms the south border. It has a total area of 11.75 square miles and a population of around 26,000 people according to the 2010 census. Information obtained from the national climatic data centre puts the normal temperature in January at 25.80 f while that of July is 71.60 F.


The town of Saugus was first settled in the year 1629. The Saugus ironworks, which was then called the Hammersmith started operations. The company was regarded as the most technologically advanced at that time and was the first to be integrated as an ironworks firm in North America. It had huge productions managing up to one tonne of iron per day. However due to lack of financial viability, the company ceased operations in 1670. Saugus is a town also boasts of war veterans who fought during the American revolutionary war.


Information obtained during the 2010 census indicates that the town had 26, 628 residents. The population density according to the same source was 2373 people per square mile. The town is cosmopolitan with the population coming from whites, Latinos, Hispanics, Asians, black Americans, native Americans, others from the pacific islands and a few other races. The per capita income of the town was recorded at $ 25,524 with 3% of the families living below the poverty line.


The town is administered through a town manager and a representative town meeting. This is commonly known as plan E form of administration, which was adopted in 1947. The town manager is the chief administrator and oversees the allocation of finances to various projects being undertaken. A board of selectmen, mainly five members oversee policy development. The town meeting consists of 50 representatives drawn from the ten precincts of the town. Town meetings are held on the first Monday of may moderated by a member selected among the representatives.

Town of Saugus At a Glance

Transportation and Communication

The route 1, which is a major north to south highway, passes just adjacent to the town which eases accessibility. Despite the current urban trends in most US towns, Saugus town retains some rural characteristics. The town hall, which is 200 years old, is still standing. The Rockport line of the MBTA rail line also serves Saugus town although it passes at the corner of the town. The town is also served by bus services that link the area with the nearby rail lines. The Logan international airport based in Boston is the closest airport in the town. The town is served by a public access television called Saugus community television, which airs local programs to the community. Two newspapers operate in Saugus town, namely the Saugus Advertiser and the Saugus Advocate.

Points of interest

Being a historical town, The Town of Saugus has several points of interest. These include the square one which is a close in shopping mall providing the town residents with a wide range retail shopping ; the Town of Saugus river which passes through the town provides an interesting view. North of Boston, the town is regarded as the most enterprising.

3 Signs of Plantar Fasciitis: Must See a Doctor In Saugus

The term plantar fasciitis is a medical condition that is characterized by irritation on the fibrous and tough tissue that is located at the base of the heel. Due to its stubborn nature, it is one of the most bothersome injuries that affects the runners. It is not uncommon to find such runners having pain for months or even years.

It is worth noting that the condition is not restricted to runners. On the contrary, anyone can be vulnerable to plantar fasciitis. These include pregnant women, overweight people, people who wear worn-out shoes, and people whose careers require standing for a long time. The plantar fascia has to absorb a lot of weight and stress. The good news is that it does not take long to treat the condition if you make informed decisions and follow the right treatment. There are numerous medical centers that are in Saugus that can offer appropriate medical intervention.

3 Signs of Plantar Fasciitis: Must See a Doctor In Saugus

What Are Those 3 Signs?

1. To start with, an obvious sign of plantar fasciitis is a sharp pain that is felt at the bottom of the foot. It is strongest in the morning but fades gradually as one walks around. Even if it fades, one will still feel the pain all the same. For example, someone with tight calf muscles makes it harder for you to flex your muscle, and this leads to pain. Similarly, being overweight adds stress on your feet, and such accumulated stress may lead to great pain in the end.

2. Runners or another person doing exercise will feel hurt at the beginning of running. This kind of pain is known as “first step pain.” Again, the pain gradually fades as one does warm-up exercise. For example, runners in Saugus have had to face the harsh reality of being exposed to the risks that come with this condition.

3. If one feels pain when stretching the foot, it may be time to think about the possibility of having plantar fasciitis.

Plantar Fasciitis

Medical Response

It is important that you make a prompt decision regarding plantar fasciitis and seek medical care. The doctor will ask you about the location and extent of the pain. In addition to that, he or she will ask you about your past activities, participation in sports, for instance, and your medical history. Sometimes, it may be necessary to take an X-ray of your foot to evaluate if there might be a problem with the bones of your foot. If conventional treatment fails, the doctor may carry out an MRI scan on your foot.

Typically, the first aim of the treatment is the prevention of further injury. Overall, a speedy recovery comes with aggressive rehabilitation and protecting the arch.


Plantar fasciitis is responsible for approximately eight per cent of running injuries. The greatest remedy in managing the condition is behavior modification in relation to habits and foot-wear. For example, women who are vulnerable to the condition should avoid wearing high-heeled shoes. Similarly, hard-soled shoes which are unsupportive can pose a risk to the men.

Go Along Low Flow Shower Heads At Saugus


Low Flow Shower Heads At Saugus 2Different players in the global stage have made a great effort in environmental conservation. However, one does not have to be part of such big efforts in order to save the environment. Rather, there are simple and little efforts that individuals can do which will have a positive impact on the environment. For instance, using a low flow shower head is one if such noble efforts.

Baths and showers take the greatest part of water usage in American homes. In connection to this, American authorities are concerned about the marginal cost of water that face a typical residential consumer. In this light, they have carried out a campaign on encouraging American homes to make optimal utility of Eco-friendly products.

There is no reason why Saugus residents should not take part in environmental conservation. It should be noted that Eco-friendly products have a low operating cost. Using a low shower head is a viable and sustainable water-saving strategy in both short-term and long-term.

A Low Flow Shower Heads

In the past, it was almost impossible to save on power cost and at the same time have a great shower feel. Modern technology has made it possible to find a perfect combination of the two. Expert state that it can save the water by half due to the decrease in flow rates, which is not a simple achievement and you can read more about low flow shower head around the web.

How to Buy a Low Flow Shower Head?

There are several factors to consider when buying a low flow shower head. To start with, it is important that you carefully check the flow rate. A standard shower head has a flow rate of 2.5 gallon per minute. In this regard, you should check one that has a flow rate of less than 2.5 per minute.Low Flow Shower Heads At Saugus 1

Second, the right design is a very important consideration. For example, is it an open pressure system or does it offer a small compact head? Of course, different people have different needs and preferences. Therefore, it goes without saying that you should choose the right design for you. Failure to do so will lead to wastage of time and resources.

Lastly, it is very important that you check the quality of the product. As a general rule, being expensive does not always translate to a high quality product. At the same time, cheap products are not known to be of high quality. After all, you get what you pay for. In this light, you ought to strike a healthy balance between quality and price. Should you find the rare combination of quality and cost-effectiveness, then it is advisable to take the deal.


The US Environmental Protection Agency have encouraged household to adopt strategies that are going to save water and power. In line with this call, shower head manufacturers are becoming more creative and innovative on how to provide the consumers with products that are in tandem with conservation. Such products are known to make a very significant contribution in saving the environment. Saugus has stores that provide such solutions. Overall, the Low Flow Shower Heads play a very critical role in saving power and water during showers.

Fun At Cedar Glen Golf Course Saugus

One of the most thrilling sports activities you can do is playing golf. In this regard, it is important that you make the right choice about where you will play it. Cedar Glen Course Saugus offers you just that: an exciting and memorable golfing experience. It was opened in 1928 and features 3, 014 yards of golf. It has nine regulation holes. The General Manager of the course is Burton H. Page.

Cedar Glen Golf Course Saugus

One of the greatest advantages oCedar Glen Golf 1f playing golf here is that you are at liberty to wear what you deem fit or what pleases you. The management does not restrict you on that. For example, you can show up wearing basketball jerseys and jeans shorts. You can go ahead and remove them and play the holes utterly shirtless. This gives you that freedom that many yearn during recreation.

Second, there is a lot of flexibility as far as the cost is concerned. The rates are divided into three groups: regular, senior, and junior. In addition to that, the cost is also determined by the holes. During Saturday and Sunday, after 3 PM, one child aged under 14 plays for free when accompanied with an adult. Overall, the prices are very affordable: $20 on weekdays and $ 22 on weekends.

Third, the course is endowed with a competent team of professionals who are well trained on the various issues that affect golf and how to offer an optimal golf experience to the clients. In addition to that, they regularly attend refresher courses that help them to be more competent in their work. They are well versed with the latest dynamics shaping the golfing landscape as well as the constant changes that face the sport.

Lastly, the course has a professional customer service department. Should you need their assistance, do not hesitate to call them; they will be able and willing to promptly respond to your question or clarification. You can contact customer services through 781-233-3609. Alternatively, you can write them an email through

Other Features

The course has an open Guest Policy. In addition to that, the Golf Season is open on fourth January and ends on Twelfth January. Rental carts and rental clubs are available but it is advised that you bring your own golf irons to get the most enjoyment from the course, you can of course read golf iron reviews here. More interestingly, leagues and outings are available. The staff frequently gives information about golf activities through its website and the Facebook page. Cedar Glen Golf 2

Page has depicted an exemplary leadership in managing the Course. He has laid down concrete expansion structures that have ensured that the Course widens its scope and becomes more relevant to the clients. In this light, it is not surprising that people who attend this venue have always wanted to come back. The management has rolled out incentives that encourage clients to have a repeat golf experience.


Getting time for relaxation is good for your physical and psychological health. Playing golf is a good past time activity. It is also a good professional activity. In addition to the sport, one gets to make new friends and expand their networks. Overall, Cedar Glen Golf Course is worth it and will give you the value for your money.

How to Be a Detective In Saugus With Right Metal Detector?


Choosing the right metal detector can be a challenge. There are many brands in the market all offering different variations in features, functionality and prices. Making a selection based on brand or costs can prove to be a mistake in the end. Reading advertisements can also be confusing due to the technological jargon used to describe the metal detectors. There are too many experts including friends who can claim to help you purchase the best detector… However, before you even consider their advice, here are a few considerations to make to help you buy the right metal detector.

metal detector

Where Will It Be Used?

The first step in determining the right metal detector is establishing where it will be used. Different activities require different metal detectors. It is important to make a list where there is an intention to use the metal detector. Will be the metal detector is used to locate treasures or simply for security reasons. Having identified where the metal detector will be used and the nature of objects to be encountered is a very important step. After identifying your needs, you can then start looking for metal detectors that offer such specialization or close to that, for detailed information you can search on for a good overview of available detectors and features.

Assess Your Expertise

It is also important to establish your level of knowledge in handling metal detectors. Innovations occur every day and it is important to do the right research and have the right knowledge. This will help in determining the models, which are new and not merely rebranded to appear new. Old detectors have been fitted with LCD lights making them appear as if they are new. Therefore, doing research on the available models in the market will help establish the different functionalities. Having such, knowledge will also help in establishing what sets each apart from the other.

Selecting the Right Detector for the Job

Selecting the right detector for the job conditions is very vital. It is not advisable to subject a metal detector to conditions that it was not initially designed for since performance will be compromised. Many detectors will work well under a range of different conditions but for your detective work, you should choose the perfect fit. Modern detectors have been designed with special functions. Each comes designed with unique features to provide optimal performance when subjected to a set of conditions.How to Be a Detective In Saugus With Right Metal Detector?

Categories of Metal Detectors

There are six types of metal detectors from which to choose. These include general purpose/motion discriminator, nugget hunting, nugget hunting/discriminator, pulse, two boxes and a waterproof detector. All of them have been specifically designed to handle a certain type of situations. Therefore, it is important to determine the one that fits perfectly to your needs.

The next step is now purchasing the metal detector. It is good to compare the product as it is explained in advertisements, compare the manufacturers, and then make a final decision of where to purchase your metal detector. After purchasing the right tool for your job, you should read the manual containing the instructions so that you are in a good position to know its full functionality.


Knowing which metal detector to choose for your job can prove to be very challenging. However, if you do an assessment of how and where the detector will be used, you can proceed to become a detective in Saugus with the right metal detector.

Pressure Cooker 101: Tips for Safe and Proper Use


Majority of the people fear using pressure cookers. This is due to the thousands of stories they have heard where cooking has gone wrong. Many people perceive it to be dangerous. Pressure cookers shorten cooking time up to around 70 percent. It can be used for a wide variety of foods and different cooking needs. With proper use, the pressure cooker can come in handy when in a hurry. To use a pressure cooker effectively, these are some of the tips for safe and proper use.

Keep an eye on frothy foods

Build up of pressure inside the pressure the cooker is something that hPressure Cooker 101 4as to be observed carefully. Certain types of foods can create a rapid increase in pressure. Such are the types of foods, which become frothy during cooking. The frothy substance can block the vent, which can lead to dangerous results. The best thing is to avoid cooking such foods in the cooker. These foods include beans, oats or barley. If they must be cooked in the pressure cooker, they should not fill more than half.

Maintain time

When cooking with a pressure cooker, it is vital to observe timing at all times. Know how long certain foods take to be ready to avoid overcooking or build up of unnecessary pressure. Some modern cookers come with per-installed timers but that is not an excuse not to keep time. Proper timing is a key factor when using pressure cookers.

Leave out the lid when not necessary

Some foods do not require to be covered up during cooking. Having the pot covered all the time will trap the flavors of the current food being cooked. These flavors will be transferred to the next food which will lead to a mix up of flavors if you cook using the same pressure cooker.

Remain within the vicinity

When using a pressure cooker, all manner of issues may arise. Pressure may build up to harmful levels, there can be building up of froth inside or the vent can be clogged up by food particles. It is therefore important to stay alert to maintain food quality and for safety. When there is a need to leave the kitchen, it is good to find a suitable replacement to watch over the pot.

Upgrade to modern models of pressure cookers

Current or modern vaPressure Cooker 101: Tips for Safe and Proper Userieties of pressure cookers are safer to use, as a huge number of pressure cookers can be chosen on based on their performance. They come fitted with in built timers, and are designed with automatic pressure control and pressure release systems. Some have been fitted with intelligent technology that enables them to maintain the right pressure without being attended. This is unlike the older manual pots.

Make yourself familiar with the pot

After upgrading to a newer model, it is good to have an in-depth knowledge of how the pressure cooker operates. Each cooker comes with different functionality and the manual will help you familiarize with how it operates.


With the right use, a pressure cooker can help you prepare foods easily, faster and maintain flavors. A lot of caution and care has to be applied to make sure that the cooker is used properly and safely for the individual and the others.

Memory Foam Mattresses: A Key to Healthy Living In Saugus


Memory Foam Mattresses 2Memory foam is a type of a mattress made of polyurethane. They have also been added some other chemicals to make them dense. Other people also call them visco elastic polyutherane foam in technical terms. Manufacturers of foam mattresses insist on weight, temperature and sensitivity so that the final product can be unique. These mattresses are available in different densities, which is mainly determined by the foam. Pressure mattresses are the key to a healthy living for people of Saugus town as they come with the following benefits.

Pressure Relief

Memory foam mattress support the body evenly by distributing the body weight across the surface. In other types of mattresses, shoulder and hips support most of the weight when an individual is sleeping which makes them unhealthy to use. Due to that even distribution of body weight, there is less tossing and turning which leads to a comfortable sleep.

They Provide Support

People with back problems appreciate the support given by memory foam mattresses. There is less stress and tension during sleep. A great advantage of using memory foam mattresses is the ability of allowing the spinal cord to rest in a natural position without being forced to conform to the mattresses. With such a relaxed posture, a person will be able to sleep well despite having back problems. Assuming the right posture while sleeping will also prevent future back problems.

Temperature Sensitive Material

Memory foam mattresses are made from temperature sensitive material. With this feature, the memory foam mattress will adjust according to the users’ body temperature and weight. In higher body temperatures, the foam mattress becomes softer providing the sleeper with a comfortable sleep all night long.

Memory Foam Mattresses 3

Allergy Relief

The material used to make memory foam mattresses, polyurethane foam is manufactured from inorganic fibres. These fibres prevent allergy causing dust mites from attaching to the mattress. Other mattresses that are manufactured from cotton attract dust mites, which cause allergies. This is a key health benefit, as the sleeper will not have to spend the night coughing and sneezing. Instead, he or she will have a comfortable night sleep.

Comparison of Memory Foam Mattresses versus Other Types

The main competitor to memory foam beds are the inner spring beds. inner spring beds are more common due to their availability. However, consumers who were interviewed would prefer memory foam mattresses due to their longevity. Inner spring bed tend to lose their outer material over time leaving the inner spring exposed and creating discomfort.


Memory foam mattresses have a lifespan of between 5 to 15 years. On average, they have a lifespan of 8 years under regular use. Compared to their main competitor, inner spring mattresses which have a life span of 6 years. Memory foam emerge out as the superior. They are called memory foam, because they “remember” or revert to their original form after being compressed.


The health benefits provided by a memory foam mattress are countless. Due to its uniqueness, it adjusts to the body of the sleeper, provides the sleeper with a comfortable night of sleep. A memory foam mattress is therefore a key to healthy living for people of town of Saugus.

Kitchen Faucet: Find The Best Kitchen Faucets Deals In Saugus

In every home, a kitchen is a home where people spend a lot of time and invest a lot to get the right fixtures and installations. When choosing a kitchen faucet, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money, which could have otherwise been spent elsewhere. Choosing the right product that serves the function and blends in with the rest of the kitchen has to be considered. Other things to consider before buying a kitchen faucet are installation, limitations, design, utility, and uniqueness. Getting the right kitchen faucet will leave the whole house looking attractive..

When purchasing a kitchen faucet, also consider the number of holes in your sing so that the faucet can fit in the sink. It is also recommended to purchase a faucet, which has a soap dispenser and a sprayer. The material finish used to make the faucet is also necessary. It is good to avoid those cheap plastic faucets that get broken with ease. Make sure to choose a faucet that will complement the design of the kitchen. On top of that, go for trusted brands, which offer warranty in case of problems. This article will help you to find the best kitchen faucets deals in Saugus to make your kitchen great, see more over at

Delta 9178-DST

This faucet is made of pure stainless steel. It comes in three different varieties, arctic stainless, chrome and venetian bronze. It incorporates the following features. It has a pull down spray wand, stylish in design, has a 360 degree rotation with magna tite docking, tightly sealed to prevent water loss and leaking and comes with a cover plate. Designed with modern technology this faucet incorporates the best design and is value for money.


Moen 7594 SRS

Created by Moen, this faucet is among the leading brands in Saugus. It features a handle that can be positioned anywhere, there is less splashing of water due to the aerated water spray functionality, it provides for secure docking of utensils and it has been designed to last long. What makes it user friendly is the metallic body and the toggle switch. It is simple, functional and pocket friendly.

Kohler K-10433

This faucet has been designed with one of the best styles. The handles are crafted the controls are hand based making it unique. Apart from the normal functions of a faucet, this one comes with other add-ons such as diverted controls, temperature throttles, a sealed inner surface and an optional deck plate. It is available in many varieties such as polished brass, brushed bronze, French gold, brushed nickel and brushed chrome.

Kohler faucet

Kraus KPF-2130 Kitchen faucet

This is a recent entrant in the market. It comes with a single lever, pullout. It is multi functional and made of stainless steel, which gives the kitchen a different look. It is bigger in size compared to the other kitchen faucets in the market, made of 100% stainless steel, resistant from corrosion, it is easy to clean, provides different stream types and the valve system is ceramic which makes it more appealing to the eye. With the above features, it is renowned for water conservation.


Those are just but a few of kitchen brands available in Saugus. With the right budget and having a clear picture of how you want your kitchen to appear, you will find the listed faucets readily when you visit hardware stores and plumbing shops in Saugus.

Hardwater Problems In Saugus: How to Deal It?

hardwater 2Like any other American town, Saugus, MA, is not immune to the challenges that come with hard-water. The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) treats water with high state and federal standards. The source of its water is Wachusset and Quabbin. However, it is not uncommon to find Saugus residents facing hard water problems, and sometimes very difficult problems. For example, during winter when the level of water usage is low, the water may turn yellow. This is because it sits in the pipe for a long time. In addition to that, Saugus residents may observe rust stains in their household surfaces and clothes.

‘Red water’ is observed in cases where there is a change in the water flow. For example, a drastic increase in the water flow may lead to ‘red water.’Sometimes the situation is so serious that residents are advised to refrain from using such water until a remedy is found by the authorities.

How to Deal With It?

Having said that, there are several things that one can do about the problem. To start with, one ought to think about trying water filtration solutions. The rationale behind this is that filtration softens hard water that is caused by magnesium and calcium deposits. In connection to this, experts can help you deal with smell removal as well as chlorine taste.

Second, buying an ion exchanger is another solution that Saugus residents can consider. However, the filter does not necessarily remove all the contaminants. In this regard, one should consider using a secondary filter. The outcomes of using this method are that chlorine is removed, the water is softened, and the water can be used for drinking.

Third, chemical water softeners are added in the laundering process in order to remove various minerals more-so magnesium and calcium. In particular, they play a critical role in prolonging the lifespan of the clothes. However, experts have warned that their output water may not be safe for drinking. You can read water softener reviews over to learn more about the process and what you can do to combat hard water.

hardwater problems

Fourth, the mechanical water softeners are permanently installed in the plumbing system. The rationale behind this is to replace calcium and magnesium with sodium. This method is relevant in the prevention of limescale, increasing heat efficiency, and lengthening the lifespan of the clothes. However, its greatest disadvantage is that it is an expensive water softening solution. In addition to that, the water may not be suitable for drinking.

Lastly, magnetic water conditioners are permanently installed in the plumbing system in order to alter calcium ions and consequently prevent limescale. The following are the disadvantages of this method: safe water output, prevention of limescale, increase of heating efficiency, and low running cost.


When looking for a soft water softener in Saugus, you should be put some factors into consideration. As far as possible, you should hire a local expert. This is because a locally owned agency is well versed with the various dynamics facing the Saugus water landscape. Moreover, such an expert should be in a position to give you a rough estimate of the cost involved in the service. Lastly, such an agency should meet license and insurance requirements.

Best Restaurants for Eating With Family In Saugus


Best Restaurants for Eating With Family In SaugusEating out is a trend that has gained popularity over the years. People prefer eating out due to the different varieties of foods and drinks on offer that might not be readily available at home. Saugus MA boasts a vibrant food culture. Some of the finest restaurants for eating with family are found here. Some have been there for a long time while the others joined in recently to take advantage of the flourishing business in Saugus. This article looks at some of the best restaurants for eating with family in Saugus.

Rosteria Steakhouse

This restaurant serves the greater Boston area. It offers a unique dinner, friends and family gathering, and even romantic dinner moments. It is located on the main street.

Continental Restaurant

This restaurant has been operational for more than 60 years. It is a family owned restaurant providing dining services for individuals and families. The restaurant offers local sea foods and hand cut steaks. There is also a large lounge where diners can enjoy live music.

Kowloon Restaurant

This restaurant lies on the great route 1 and has been operational for more than 60 years. Diners have a wide range of options to choose from in terms of dining rooms. There are over 300 menu items to choose from making it one of the best in the area. It is family owned and regarded as the top Chinese restaurant in the United States in terms of quality and sales.


This is an Italian restaurant located on main street. This hotel offers a private dining room for 12 people for those seeking some privacy. The food, ambience and service are excellent. There are many different items on the menu such as calamari, antipasto, rabe and fruitti di mare. Has a great atmosphere for eating with family.

Jimmy’s Steer House

This restaurant offers great meals at a very affordable cost. The environment is friendly and relaxed which makes it ideal for family gatherings. It offers fresh seafoods, and accepts reservations for those who have events. It is among the popular restaurants operating in the area.

Best Restaurants for Eating With Family In Saugus

Prince Pizzeria

It is an Italian restaurant renowned for delicious pizzas. It has a laid back, old-fashioned atmosphere which is ideal for eating out with family. It is family owned and has been operational since 1961. Apart from pizza, the restaurant serves other delicacies such as pasta, chicken parmesan, meat balls and local foods. It is a common landmark in the area due to the leaning tower. For families, the restaurant hosts pizza parties for children under the age of 12. Children pay a small fee and compete to make their own pizza, which can be fun

Hong Kong

This is a Chinese restaurant established in 1954. It is located on Harvard square and remains a popular place in the area.


Saugus MA has several restaurants ranging from Chinese, Italian and the local ones. Most are located on Route 1 which the main highway is serving the area. Also, most of the restaurants in this are family owned and have been operational for many years. When you visit Saugus, the options to choose from in terms of best restaurants for eating with family are many.

Elliptical Machine: The Best Gyms In Saugus for Workout


Elliptical MachinesFor Saugus residents looking for a place to work out, there are several health clubs and gyms. They offer a wide variety of facilities and services for an effective workout. This article will act as a guide to find out the best gyms in Saugus for an effective workout.

Blast Fitness

This facility is located on square one mall in Saugus ma. The club is open from Monday to Thursday from 5am to 10pm. On Fridays, it is open from 5am to 10pm while over the weekends its doors are open from 7am to 7pm. With such a flexible schedule, it caters for everyone. On offer at the club include free weights, cardio equipment, secluded area for women only training, sauna, elliptical machines (for choosing one of the top elliptical machines you can read out the elliptical reviews here on and tanning. On top of health and fitness, the club offers free babysitting facilities for those with children. Monthly member subscription is $10.

Flex Fitness

Flex fitness is located off route one, at 304 Lincoln avenue, just behind Cagliano plaza. Classes run throughout the week. Monday to Friday the classes go from 5am to 10pm. During the weekends, classes run from 6am to 7pm. The gym is fitted with a state of the art fitness machines from leading brands in the industry to make fitness sessions real and fun. The gym is fitted with TV sets at all the cardio equipment. The club offers free weights, elliptical machines (some elliptical machines under $1000 can be really effective for cardio for most people), vending machines, group exercises, personal training services and free parking. Monthly subscription runs from $20 going upwards depending on the individual’s preferences. There is a student offer of $15 per month.

Elliptical Machines

Planet Fitness Gyms

Planet fitness operates three facilities in Saugus ma; Revere, Malden and Lynn. The gyms are open 24 hours from Monday through Friday. Over the weekends, the gyms remain open from 7am to 7pm. Other than the normal work out equipment, the fitness club offers massage, tanning and drinks to cool down at half prices. Those with deeper pockets can opt for the black card membership, which comes with 20% off when you purchase Reebok products. Membership starts at $10 monthly.

Saugus Family YMCA

This is more than a simple gym. It is more of a community, which brings different people together for personal development. The facility caters for all age groups from teens to adults also offering personalized training. Due to the nature of the varied nature of programs offered here, there is no fixed schedule for workout. There are also swimming facilities for the members. YMCA offers several facilities in the Saugus area.

Cross Fit Route 1

It is located on route 99. The facility offers strength and conditioning programs to different people from athletes and even military personnel. It is open daily from 5am to 7pm. Membership ranges from $150 per month.


Whether you are looking for treadmills, elliptical machines, free weights or any other fitness related services, they are all available in Saugus. The facilities in the area are well equipped and it is just a matter of personal preference. Overall, Saugus offers a great opportunity for those who want to work out.