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At first take our heartfelt ‘Thanks’ for coming to our site. We are a passionate group of people who cares for Town of Saugus. We value and respect the norms and cultures of this wonderful Town. This is why we have created this site to serve our community and government. We are committed to extending our support to people who live both near and far from Town of Saugus.

The Town of Saugus is a famous town in Massachusetts. This town is home to the historic Saugus ironworks. Our town is a diverse community comprising of 11 square miles. It is located approximately 13 miles north of the City of Boston. The population of this town extends to around 30,000 people. Geographically, it is divided north to south by the popular Route – 01. Besides, this three-mile highway route consists of many famous restaurants and retail stores. There is also a regional shopping center across the route.

So, if you are a proud community member of Town of Saugus, take a tour of our site. Explore the things at first hand and understand how we are helping our community to become the best town in Massachusetts, USA!