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Best Restaurants for Eating With Family In Saugus


Best Restaurants for Eating With Family In SaugusEating out is a trend that has gained popularity over the years. People prefer eating out due to the different varieties of foods and drinks on offer that might not be readily available at home. Saugus MA boasts a vibrant food culture. Some of the finest restaurants for eating with family are found here. Some have been there for a long time while the others joined in recently to take advantage of the flourishing business in Saugus. This article looks at some of the best restaurants for eating with family in Saugus.

Rosteria Steakhouse

This restaurant serves the greater Boston area. It offers a unique dinner, friends and family gathering, and even romantic dinner moments. It is located on the main street.

Continental Restaurant

This restaurant has been operational for more than 60 years. It is a family owned restaurant providing dining services for individuals and families. The restaurant offers local sea foods and hand cut steaks. There is also a large lounge where diners can enjoy live music.

Kowloon Restaurant

This restaurant lies on the great route 1 and has been operational for more than 60 years. Diners have a wide range of options to choose from in terms of dining rooms. There are over 300 menu items to choose from making it one of the best in the area. It is family owned and regarded as the top Chinese restaurant in the United States in terms of quality and sales.


This is an Italian restaurant located on main street. This hotel offers a private dining room for 12 people for those seeking some privacy. The food, ambience and service are excellent. There are many different items on the menu such as calamari, antipasto, rabe and fruitti di mare. Has a great atmosphere for eating with family.

Jimmy’s Steer House

This restaurant offers great meals at a very affordable cost. The environment is friendly and relaxed which makes it ideal for family gatherings. It offers fresh seafoods, and accepts reservations for those who have events. It is among the popular restaurants operating in the area.

Best Restaurants for Eating With Family In Saugus

Prince Pizzeria

It is an Italian restaurant renowned for delicious pizzas. It has a laid back, old-fashioned atmosphere which is ideal for eating out with family. It is family owned and has been operational since 1961. Apart from pizza, the restaurant serves other delicacies such as pasta, chicken parmesan, meat balls and local foods. It is a common landmark in the area due to the leaning tower. For families, the restaurant hosts pizza parties for children under the age of 12. Children pay a small fee and compete to make their own pizza, which can be fun

Hong Kong

This is a Chinese restaurant established in 1954. It is located on Harvard square and remains a popular place in the area.


Saugus MA has several restaurants ranging from Chinese, Italian and the local ones. Most are located on Route 1 which the main highway is serving the area. Also, most of the restaurants in this are family owned and have been operational for many years. When you visit Saugus, the options to choose from in terms of best restaurants for eating with family are many.