Town of Saugus

Best Things to Do In Saugus MA

Saugus is a city located in Essex Massachusetts. It is an old town, which retains its rural characteristics despite being adjacent to a major highway. Traditionally the town was agriculture based but other industries such as tobacco, shoe making and production of woolen goods took root after the industrial revolution. It is recognized as the original site of iron works in North America. There are many things to do in Saugus town. The area is well endowed with natural attractions, camping sites and places to go for swimming hiking and biking. The list is endless when it comes to choosing the best things to do in Saugus MA.


The Saugus Iron Works is a national park that symbolises the iron industry in America. The national park rests on 9 acres of land. Some of the features housed there include mills, hot forges, water wheels and a 17th century home, which has been restored. You can also visit the Possessions Gallery with a variety of paintings, jewellery, pottery and photography. The grand army of the republic museum is another attraction spot that offers a research library and memorabilia retrieved from the American Revolutionary War, the Korean War and the Civil War. Restored paintings and furnishings are also available for viewing.

Sporting Activities

Route One Miniature Golf And Batting Cages is a park, marked distinctively by an orange dinosaur presents several opportunities for individuals and adults. There is a mini-golf course, batting cages and a video arcade, which is very amusing for children. Hockey Town is another entertainment spot in Saugus. The facility provides hockey facilities for adults and children, ice skating, figure skating and hockey lessons. There is also a miniature snack bar where you can grab a snack as you enjoy the day. Indian Rock Stables is a facility offers full stretch miles of horse riding. The facility is also certified to offer horse riding lessons and horseback classes.

Best Things to Do In Saugus MA


There are several shopping destinations in Saugus. The main district is both a tourist destination and a shopping complex. The street contains a mix of shops, retail business, antiques and restaurants. Wilson farm is another tourist destination. The farm is historic having opened in 1884. It lies on 500 acres of land and offers farm tours, cooking classes and a host of other outdoor activities. Prudential center is another shopping point which doubles up as a view point of the city. Still in Saugus, you can visit the Copley place, which houses a range of several American stores including Brookstone, American Eagle Outfitters and J.Crew. Copley Place also hosts the Boston fashion week.

Best Things to Do In Saugus MA

Entertainment spots

There are several entertainment spots spread across the town. There is the North Shore Musical Children’s Theater which provides classical performances, Disney works and also a grill for burgers and other foods. The Lynn Auditorium provides, movie shows and musical concerts from respected names in the industry. Still in Saugus you can visit the Wonderland Ballroom which offers live music from touring bands.

Best Things to Do In Saugus MA


The list is endless when deciding on the best things to do while in Saugus MA. You can never run out of options whether you want to visit museums, engage in sports, do shopping or looking for entertainment.