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How to Be a Detective In Saugus With Right Metal Detector?


Choosing the right metal detector can be a challenge. There are many brands in the market all offering different variations in features, functionality and prices. Making a selection based on brand or costs can prove to be a mistake in the end. Reading advertisements can also be confusing due to the technological jargon used to describe the metal detectors. There are too many experts including friends who can claim to help you purchase the best detector… However, before you even consider their advice, here are a few considerations to make to help you buy the right metal detector.

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Where Will It Be Used?

The first step in determining the right metal detector is establishing where it will be used. Different activities require different metal detectors. It is important to make a list where there is an intention to use the metal detector. Will be the metal detector is used to locate treasures or simply for security reasons. Having identified where the metal detector will be used and the nature of objects to be encountered is a very important step. After identifying your needs, you can then start looking for metal detectors that offer such specialization or close to that, for detailed information you can search on for a good overview of available detectors and features.

Assess Your Expertise

It is also important to establish your level of knowledge in handling metal detectors. Innovations occur every day and it is important to do the right research and have the right knowledge. This will help in determining the models, which are new and not merely rebranded to appear new. Old detectors have been fitted with LCD lights making them appear as if they are new. Therefore, doing research on the available models in the market will help establish the different functionalities. Having such, knowledge will also help in establishing what sets each apart from the other.

Selecting the Right Detector for the Job

Selecting the right detector for the job conditions is very vital. It is not advisable to subject a metal detector to conditions that it was not initially designed for since performance will be compromised. Many detectors will work well under a range of different conditions but for your detective work, you should choose the perfect fit. Modern detectors have been designed with special functions. Each comes designed with unique features to provide optimal performance when subjected to a set of conditions.How to Be a Detective In Saugus With Right Metal Detector?

Categories of Metal Detectors

There are six types of metal detectors from which to choose. These include general purpose/motion discriminator, nugget hunting, nugget hunting/discriminator, pulse, two boxes and a waterproof detector. All of them have been specifically designed to handle a certain type of situations. Therefore, it is important to determine the one that fits perfectly to your needs.

The next step is now purchasing the metal detector. It is good to compare the product as it is explained in advertisements, compare the manufacturers, and then make a final decision of where to purchase your metal detector. After purchasing the right tool for your job, you should read the manual containing the instructions so that you are in a good position to know its full functionality.


Knowing which metal detector to choose for your job can prove to be very challenging. However, if you do an assessment of how and where the detector will be used, you can proceed to become a detective in Saugus with the right metal detector.