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Memory Foam Mattresses: A Key to Healthy Living In Saugus


Memory Foam Mattresses 2Memory foam is a type of a mattress made of polyurethane. They have also been added some other chemicals to make them dense. Other people also call them visco elastic polyutherane foam in technical terms. Manufacturers of foam mattresses insist on weight, temperature and sensitivity so that the final product can be unique. These mattresses are available in different densities, which is mainly determined by the foam. Pressure mattresses are the key to a healthy living for people of Saugus town as they come with the following benefits.

Pressure Relief

Memory foam mattress support the body evenly by distributing the body weight across the surface. In other types of mattresses, shoulder and hips support most of the weight when an individual is sleeping which makes them unhealthy to use. Due to that even distribution of body weight, there is less tossing and turning which leads to a comfortable sleep.

They Provide Support

People with back problems appreciate the support given by memory foam mattresses. There is less stress and tension during sleep. A great advantage of using memory foam mattresses is the ability of allowing the spinal cord to rest in a natural position without being forced to conform to the mattresses. With such a relaxed posture, a person will be able to sleep well despite having back problems. Assuming the right posture while sleeping will also prevent future back problems.

Temperature Sensitive Material

Memory foam mattresses are made from temperature sensitive material. With this feature, the memory foam mattress will adjust according to the users’ body temperature and weight. In higher body temperatures, the foam mattress becomes softer providing the sleeper with a comfortable sleep all night long.

Memory Foam Mattresses 3

Allergy Relief

The material used to make memory foam mattresses, polyurethane foam is manufactured from inorganic fibres. These fibres prevent allergy causing dust mites from attaching to the mattress. Other mattresses that are manufactured from cotton attract dust mites, which cause allergies. This is a key health benefit, as the sleeper will not have to spend the night coughing and sneezing. Instead, he or she will have a comfortable night sleep.

Comparison of Memory Foam Mattresses versus Other Types

The main competitor to memory foam beds are the inner spring beds. inner spring beds are more common due to their availability. However, consumers who were interviewed would prefer memory foam mattresses due to their longevity. Inner spring bed tend to lose their outer material over time leaving the inner spring exposed and creating discomfort.


Memory foam mattresses have a lifespan of between 5 to 15 years. On average, they have a lifespan of 8 years under regular use. Compared to their main competitor, inner spring mattresses which have a life span of 6 years. Memory foam emerge out as the superior. They are called memory foam, because they “remember” or revert to their original form after being compressed.


The health benefits provided by a memory foam mattress are countless. Due to its uniqueness, it adjusts to the body of the sleeper, provides the sleeper with a comfortable night of sleep. A memory foam mattress is therefore a key to healthy living for people of town of Saugus.