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Pressure Cooker 101: Tips for Safe and Proper Use


Majority of the people fear using pressure cookers. This is due to the thousands of stories they have heard where cooking has gone wrong. Many people perceive it to be dangerous. Pressure cookers shorten cooking time up to around 70 percent. It can be used for a wide variety of foods and different cooking needs. With proper use, the pressure cooker can come in handy when in a hurry. To use a pressure cooker effectively, these are some of the tips for safe and proper use.

Keep an eye on frothy foods

Build up of pressure inside the pressure the cooker is something that hPressure Cooker 101 4as to be observed carefully. Certain types of foods can create a rapid increase in pressure. Such are the types of foods, which become frothy during cooking. The frothy substance can block the vent, which can lead to dangerous results. The best thing is to avoid cooking such foods in the cooker. These foods include beans, oats or barley. If they must be cooked in the pressure cooker, they should not fill more than half.

Maintain time

When cooking with a pressure cooker, it is vital to observe timing at all times. Know how long certain foods take to be ready to avoid overcooking or build up of unnecessary pressure. Some modern cookers come with per-installed timers but that is not an excuse not to keep time. Proper timing is a key factor when using pressure cookers.

Leave out the lid when not necessary

Some foods do not require to be covered up during cooking. Having the pot covered all the time will trap the flavors of the current food being cooked. These flavors will be transferred to the next food which will lead to a mix up of flavors if you cook using the same pressure cooker.

Remain within the vicinity

When using a pressure cooker, all manner of issues may arise. Pressure may build up to harmful levels, there can be building up of froth inside or the vent can be clogged up by food particles. It is therefore important to stay alert to maintain food quality and for safety. When there is a need to leave the kitchen, it is good to find a suitable replacement to watch over the pot.

Upgrade to modern models of pressure cookers

Current or modern vaPressure Cooker 101: Tips for Safe and Proper Userieties of pressure cookers are safer to use, as a huge number of pressure cookers can be chosen on based on their performance. They come fitted with in built timers, and are designed with automatic pressure control and pressure release systems. Some have been fitted with intelligent technology that enables them to maintain the right pressure without being attended. This is unlike the older manual pots.

Make yourself familiar with the pot

After upgrading to a newer model, it is good to have an in-depth knowledge of how the pressure cooker operates. Each cooker comes with different functionality and the manual will help you familiarize with how it operates.


With the right use, a pressure cooker can help you prepare foods easily, faster and maintain flavors. A lot of caution and care has to be applied to make sure that the cooker is used properly and safely for the individual and the others.