Town of Saugus

Town of Saugus: At a Glance


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Town of Saugus is in Essex county, eastern Massachusetts. It is bordered by Revere on the south, Lynnfield on the north, and Lynn on the east, Malden on the southwest. Wakefield and Melrose borders it to the west. The southeast border is formed by the Saugus River and the pines river forms the south border. It has a total area of 11.75 square miles and a population of around 26,000 people according to the 2010 census. Information obtained from the national climatic data centre puts the normal temperature in January at 25.80 f while that of July is 71.60 F.


The town of Saugus was first settled in the year 1629. The Saugus ironworks, which was then called the Hammersmith started operations. The company was regarded as the most technologically advanced at that time and was the first to be integrated as an ironworks firm in North America. It had huge productions managing up to one tonne of iron per day. However due to lack of financial viability, the company ceased operations in 1670. Saugus is a town also boasts of war veterans who fought during the American revolutionary war.


Information obtained during the 2010 census indicates that the town had 26, 628 residents. The population density according to the same source was 2373 people per square mile. The town is cosmopolitan with the population coming from whites, Latinos, Hispanics, Asians, black Americans, native Americans, others from the pacific islands and a few other races. The per capita income of the town was recorded at $ 25,524 with 3% of the families living below the poverty line.


The town is administered through a town manager and a representative town meeting. This is commonly known as plan E form of administration, which was adopted in 1947. The town manager is the chief administrator and oversees the allocation of finances to various projects being undertaken. A board of selectmen, mainly five members oversee policy development. The town meeting consists of 50 representatives drawn from the ten precincts of the town. Town meetings are held on the first Monday of may moderated by a member selected among the representatives.

Town of Saugus At a Glance

Transportation and Communication

The route 1, which is a major north to south highway, passes just adjacent to the town which eases accessibility. Despite the current urban trends in most US towns, Saugus town retains some rural characteristics. The town hall, which is 200 years old, is still standing. The Rockport line of the MBTA rail line also serves Saugus town although it passes at the corner of the town. The town is also served by bus services that link the area with the nearby rail lines. The Logan international airport based in Boston is the closest airport in the town. The town is served by a public access television called Saugus community television, which airs local programs to the community. Two newspapers operate in Saugus town, namely the Saugus Advertiser and the Saugus Advocate.

Points of interest

Being a historical town, The Town of Saugus has several points of interest. These include the square one which is a close in shopping mall providing the town residents with a wide range retail shopping ; the Town of Saugus river which passes through the town provides an interesting view. North of Boston, the town is regarded as the most enterprising.