Town of Saugus

Wildlife Adventure to Explore With Kids In Saugus

WildlifeThere are a host of wildlife adventures available in Saugus that can be explored with kids. When you are in Saugus, you will be lost for choice over which place to visit. The town has a unique setting. From the Breakheart Reservation, Lynn woods, Pine Banks Park, Sony Meyers Park and Middlesex Fells Reservation. The list is endless. These are some of the spots with wildlife adventure to explore with kids in Saugus.

Breakheart Reservation

An expansive 260 acres of reservation, this place offers visitors and tourists amazing views of trees, hills, lakes and unique rock formations. Pearce Lake, which is also part of this reservation can be used for fishing and swimming. What makes it even better is the fact that it is friendly to kids.

Lynn Woods

This is another famous spot for those visitors seeking wildlife adventure. A municipal park with streams, ponds and a forest that is evergreen, the park offers the best in terms of variety. On top of that, the park also boasts different species of birds such as hawks and owl species. Rodent varieties are also found in this park

Middlesex Fells Reservation

This reservation covering 2575 acres offers different activities such as rock climbing, hiking, mountain climbing. Adventurers also have the opportunity of viewing lakes, ponds or trails. The park is child friendly

Wildlife Adventure to Explore With Kids In Saugus

J C Phillips Nature Preserve

This preserve is situated towards the end of Wenham Lake. It offers visitors of all ages a whole 1.5 miles of hiking and nature trails. Visitors also get a chance to see wild animal such as deers on certain times of the day.

Endicott Park

This park lies on 165 acres of land. The attractions in this park include woodlands, orchards, abandoned farm buildings. The park also offers hiking and nature trails. Visitors get a chance to watch barnyard animals. During winter it is used for cross-country skiing and sledding.

Pine Banks Park

An expansive park composed of hiking and running trails, this park offers a basketball court, baseball court, softball court and a host of other outdoor games. Kids have a dedicated area where they can engage in their own games. All this happens deep in the woods. You also get to view some rare bird species as you enjoy your favorite games.

Hall’s Pond Sanctuary

This is one of the two natural ponds in the area covering 3.5 acres. People visiting with their families will be able to experience nature at its best. The authorities have set aside this part for conservation. The park is full of natural wildlife, which makes it an exclusive get away.

Landlocked Forest

This reserve is set on 250 acres of forest. There are 13 miles of nature trails suitable for biking, hiking, walking and jogging. During winter, it is normally used for cross-country skiing. Bird watchers also converge here to have a view of different bird species.

Wildlife Adventure to Explore With Kids In Saugus

Crane Wildlife Refuge on the Crane Estate

This is another home for wildlife. Kayakers and boaters are frequently seen here. Other wildlife that can be spotted in this centre includes sanderlings, sandpipers and gulls.


Whatever choice you make Saugus offers some of the best spots for wildlife adventure with kids. The area has parks, preserves, hiking and nature trails, ponds for swimming and fishing and a chance to see different animals.